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It’s time to make a change

We are going to keep it simple.

This isn’t a typical blog.

Do you known that kind of blogs which are crowded of useless posts and you don’t even know where to start? Well, this isn’t.

As I said, we are going to keep it simple. We want to go through a process to reach a simple goal. Change your life. Mental changes, changes in attitude and especially, body changes.


We have only one condition. Stay hungry, Stay foolish.
If you start, finish it. Follow the advice and plans we give you. And take it seriously.

The fundamental requirements for an optimum and strong body are 3. Training is the obvious one, but then we have recovery and nutrition. The foundation of your nutrition should focus on what you eat and drink on a day-to-day basis. Your second focus should be on optimizing your training and recovery through the right plans we offer you and the right blend of protein and nutrient timing.

As you can see on the menu (at the top part of the blog) we have 4 simple categories (taking out this one and Contact). Each one with a purpose.

1. In the first category (TRAINING) we are going to show you all the advice and tips you need to know to carry out your perfect body transformation.

2. The second category (OUR PLANS) contains all of our plans step by step and systems you need. So you can transform your body to the body you really want.

Note: This blog is for those who aren’t satisfied with their body, those who want more, and want a 10 body. Not for those who are overweight and want to lose weight, the opposite, those who find muscles very hard to obtain. Those who are tired of being call skinny. Get ready, because finally you are going to change.

3. In the third category (NUTRITION) you are going to find what you really need to eat if you want to gain the maximum muscle mass.

With the combination of this two (the right workouts and nutrition) your body will start to gain strength and muscle.

And last but not least, Questions and Answers.  Here you will find very useful problems that people have actually asked and we have answered. You are free to ask us anything in the Contact section and we will answer it as fast as we can!

Here your life is going to change. Because when your body changes and you get fit, you will start to think more clearly, have more energy, and increase your confidence. And that is the foundation you need if you truly want to change your life.


Don’t waste any more time and get started!